West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries in

Cambourne Village College

WCCYM is involved in Cambourne Village College in a number of ways:

  • CHRISTIAN UNION GROUPS – WCCYM runs weekly lunchtime Christian Union groups. We have been able to go back to combining year groups in one main Christian Union, which is meeting on a Wednesday lunchtime in Pink 1. These groups are an opportunity to spend time with others from your college, play some games, chat about life and issues, learn something about God, and be encouraged in your Christian journey. Anyone is welcome to come to the group. 
  • INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP PASTORAL WORK – WCCYM youth workers have been involved in pastoral support work, with individuals and groups, referred through the college.
  • At other times, WCCYM will be involved in assemblies, and one-off lessons (either with visitors, or with the youth workers taking part).