West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries

Executive Committee

WCCYM has a management committee made up of representatives from Cambourne Church, Comberton Baptist Church, Hardwick Evangelical Church, and the Lordsbridge team of Anglican Churches. This committee usually meets 4 times a year to oversee the work of WCCYM. The WCCYM Team Leader reports to the management committee, on behalf of the WCCYM team of youth workers.

WCCYM Executive Committee
Nigel Taylor – Chair (T)
Sue Chase – Treasurer
Bill Miller, Cambourne Church (T)
Kate Gaze, Hardwick Evangelical Church
Keith Tarring, Comberton Baptist Church (T)
Sarah Rittman, Lordsbridge Team (T)
Ruth Gildersleve – Secretary to the Management Team

(T) indicates WCCYM Trustee.