buy Lyrica medicine Thanks to those of you who joined us for the Quiz! Here are the scores (a slight change after re-examining the results – sorry!!)…

Uruapan First – The Percy Pigs – 51

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Third – Gosliamsons – 46

Boris and the Hokey Cokeys – 45

The Gable Enders – 45

Buddy’s Buddies – 43

Quiz Cross will make you jump jump – 43

Les Quizerables – 43

You’re a Quizzard, Harry – 40

Like-Lee Last – 37

The Quizzy Bees – 36

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Summer Fundraising Appeal

“Now is not the time for cutting hours, or the time for furlough. There is so much to do!” Hear from Susie Thomson as she explains the current situation, and some of the challenges WCCYM is facing.

The last few months have been a strange time for WCCYM (along with everyone else!). We’ve had youth workers on furlough – two part-time employees of WCCYM, as well as local church youth workers who are part of our team. Our schools work has been limited, and some of our activities have been hard work to continue. However, we have had brilliant volunteers who have stepped up to take more responsibility, and we have continued to serve young people in the best way we’ve been able to at this time.


As we have been putting plans into place for September, a couple of things have become clear:


Firstly, as an organisation, we do not have enough money to continue employment with the number of hours we have had over the last year (that’s just 46 hours per week, split between 3 of us). We’re funded by churches and individuals, and occasional fundraising activities and grants or trusts. We need to cut one day a week of employment from September, to get us through the year financially (and we still need to do some fundraising to keep the rest of the hours!).


Secondly, it has also become clear that now is not the time for cutting hours, or the time for furlough. There is so much to do! Part of that is due to the Covid situation – we are going to need to do more in schools, as we work with different bubbles of students in different year groups. We are going to be needing to create videos to be able to reach the young people where we cannot go in physically. But also, there is potentially so much more to do with working with young people, whether that’s focusing on their well-being and mental health, or whether that’s bringing more hope into what can feel like a dark time.


This is why I wanted to let people know about this. Those two things are not compatible! Not having enough money, and having more to do, is not a great place to be in! And I’ve recently been challenged about the fact that people need to know that there is a need. It could still be that we need to cut down on the hours of WCCYM employees. And we will need to make decisions about what that will affect. But knowing that there is more we could do for young people in this area, means that it’s only fair to let people know. So if you had considered that you could give to WCCYM financially, now is the time to do it! Some of you already give, and we are so grateful for your support! And I’m also very aware that now might be the worst time for some people to give more away financially, and I completely understand that. This is just for those who might feel challenged to! It might be that you could pray about this for us. We have a time pressure. In the next month, we need to see more finance come in, to know what to do in September. We need to raise £5,420 to ensure that we don’t need to cut a day a week of employment. But also, if you feel that you have a gift in fundraising or applying for trust funds and grants, I would love to hear from you! I find that hard to keep that going while there’s so much youth work to be done at the same time!


If you think you can help in terms of financial giving, there are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Visit to sign up online for monthly or one-off donations.
  • Download WCCYM’s giving form, and set up a monthly or one-off donation by filling this out and returning it to the WCCYM treasurer (details on the form)

 Over the last week or so, I’ve been challenged again about how we should be responding even more to the needs of young people right here. WCCYM’s Key Values are to work in partnership, to build trust, to show respect, to bring hope and to be Christ-centred. I am as convinced now as I have ever been, that that these values are crucial to our work with young people, and we need you to help us continue this good work.

With thanks,

Susie Thomson
WCCYM Team Leader