West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries

Who we are

WCCYM (West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries) is a partnership of churches in villages to the west of Cambridge, working together for young people in a manner that they could not do individually. From the start, WCCYM has been supported mainly by local village churches and individuals. 

WCCYM’s mission statement is ‘to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to young people in west Cambridge.’ This involves helping young people to understand and experience the good news. We want to help young people understand the good news through our words – this might be through teaching at different WCCYM activities, but also might be through conversation with others. We also want to help young people experience the good news through our actions – this could be through the example set by leaders, through participating in different activities, or in the provision of pastoral support, as we want to listen to, support and value young people. A key part of WCCYM’s work is in schools in west Cambridge, offering pastoral and spiritual support.

Church youth workers (employed by the local churches) are linked together by working in partnership through WCCYM. As an organisation, WCCYM currently employs three part-time youth workers. Some of the work is done across churches and in local communities. The youth workers are also involved in their local secondary schools with pastoral support work and Christian groups. They may sometimes be involved in primary schools too, particularly when it comes to transitions work with Yr 6s preparing for secondary school.


to work in partnership
to build trust
to show respect
to bring hope
to be Christ-centred

These values underpin all that we do, in the different ways in which we work. Some of what we do may vary from year to year, depending on the needs at the time, or the team of leaders and their skills. But these values are consistent throughout any changes that may happen.


WCCYM provides community for…

  1. Young People – enabling them to belong, and to feel part of something bigger.
  2. Youth Workers and volunteers – offering support to one another and enabling them to support and disciple their young people in ways that would not be possible on their own.
  3. Churches – who have recognised the mission field on their doorstep and are working in partnership to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to young people in west Cambridge.


Our aims for young people are…

  • To feel connected to a supportive community
  • To flourish as a person, reaching their full potential
  • To understand their true worth and value
  • To use their gifts and talents, having the opportunity to develop these
  • To have a relationship with God, through Jesus, living in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • To grow as a disciple who disciples others


Our aims for youth workers and volunteers are…

  • To feel connected to a supportive community of leaders
  • To learn from others, their experiences and Christian tradition
  • To share resources and expertise, to enable good youth work
  • To use their gifts and talents in serving local young people
  • To deepen their own relationship with God


Our aims for churches are…

  • To feel connected to a supportive community of others with a mission to reach local young people
  • To feel more effective in reaching and discipling young people
  • To be part of a trusted brand, working in local communities and schools
  • To feel encouraged by the stories they hear from WCCYM about young lives being transformed
  • To be enabled to support young people in their communities


WCCYM exists to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to young people in West Cambridge.