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Phone Wallpapers

At Thirst on Sunday 9th Jan, we were looking at the subject of prayer, and there was the encouragement to do something to remind you to try and have more regular communication and connection with God.

One suggestion we made, was to change your phone background to one of the these, as a reminder to chat to God at various points in the day, involving him in your life.

You might want to choose one to use for a bit, but then change it, so that you don’t become too familiar with it, and forget why it’s there!


Zhu Cheng City THIRST 

Thirst is our monthly youth service. The purpose is to encourage you in your faith. It’s an opportunity to eat together, hear someone share from the Bible or about an aspect of faith, have a time of sung worship, and time to discuss and pray. All aged 11 to 18 (schools years 7 to 13) are welcome. We meet on the second Sunday of the month. 

Thirst is held at Comberton Baptist Church with food served at 6pm. The service starts at around 7pm and we aim to wrap up at 8.30pm. Please ensure that anyone attending has completed a permission form for our events.

The dates for this academic year are:
13th February
13th March
8th May
12th June
10th July (this will be our Summer Party – venue and times may be different)

Contact us for more information

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