West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries in

Comberton Village College

Since it started in 1992, WCCYM has had close links with Comberton Village College (CVC). 


WCCYM runs weekly lunchtime Christian Union groups. The plan for this term is to run groups in person for Yr 7 and Yr 11. Details below. If you know of any young people in other year groups who would like to be part of a group, please let us know, and we can make a plan! These groups are an opportunity to spend time with others from your college, play some games, chat about life and issues, learn something about God, and be encouraged in your Christian journey. Anyone is welcome to come to the groups.

Yr 7 – Wednesday lunchtimes – GE2

Yr 11 – Friday lunchtimes – RPE3




Representatives from WCCYM will go into assemblies to give announcements and introduce themselves, and will sometimes take assemblies on specific themes. This has recently happened on video rather than in person.


Some of the youth workers are involved in providing pastoral support for students at Comberton Village College. This could be by mentoring individuals (referred through heads of year and the family therapist at the school), or in group situations, following a course for 6 weeks. 


WCCYM is involved in supporting Comberton Village College in different curriculum areas. A team of youth workers are involved in RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics) and PD (Personal Development) lessons. There are sometimes youth workers linked to WCCYM who will help on Activities Week with the school too.