West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries

Who we are

WCCYM (West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries) is a partnership of churches working together for young people, in a manner that they could not do individually. From the start, WCCYM has been supported mainly by local village churches and individuals. Our mission statement is ‘to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to young people in west Cambridge.’ 

WCCYM’s work can be broadly divided into 5 categories:

  • Making relationships and earning the right to share Jesus
  • Building credibility and beginning to introduce Jesus
  • Clear communication of the Gospel message
  • Mentoring Christian young people
  • Pastoral work at Cambourne and Comberton Village Colleges – individuals and groups

Church youth workers (employed by the local churches) are linked together by working in partnership through WCCYM. As an organisation, WCCYM itself pays for 4 days of a youth worker’s salary. Some of the work is done across churches and in local communities. The youth workers are also involved in their local secondary schools with pastoral support work and Christian groups. They may sometimes be involved in primary schools too, particularly when it comes to transitions work with Yr 6s preparing for secondary school.

WCCYM exists to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to young people in West Cambridge.