West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries

Youth Workers


Hi, I’m Sally, I will be covering Susie’s maternity. I will be working in Cambourne and Comberton village colleges and WCCYM events. I’m a coffee-addict, love being outside, particularly in sunny weather!

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Cherie Williamson will be mainly working in Comberton and Cambourne Schools doing some pastoral work, and will be involved in the lunchtime groups at CombertonVillage College.

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I’m Nick and I head up the youth work at Comberton Baptist Church. My three greatest passions are Jesus, Films and Coffee. I live for the first one, have a podcast for the second (Two Men in a Bunker) and drink a lot of the last. You might recognise me from a few different lunch groups in Comberton VC but also from the Connections Bus Project.

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Hi, I’m Jonathan, youth worker with Cambourne Church. I’m involved with Cambourne and Comberton Village Colleges and help run a Youth Club in Cambourne on a Wednesday evening. I enjoy music and tech-stuff, I’m married to Stacy and I’m Scottish (och-aye!)

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Hi, I’m Teresa and I am a volunteer youth worker with the Lordsbridge Team. I am married to Paul and mum of Charlie. I am a further education teacher and a level 2 British Sign Language communicator. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit (ask me about Boogie Bounce!), walking my dog, reading, knitting and baking. I am attempting to read the Bible in a year, when you see me ask how I’m doing!


Hi, I’m Susie, WCCYM’s Team Leader, currently on Maternity Leave. Here’s a bit about me… Youth worker, ex-CVC student, TV fan, tea-drinker, ex-primary teacher, music lover, chocolate addict, South Africa keeno, mum to 3 small people, Robbie’s wife, God-follower, always up for a chat.