Financial Giving

When discussed recently with the WCCYM team, these were some of the responses to the question of “why does WCCYM exist?”.

Working with young people is an immense privilege, and WCCYM has the opportunity of doing this is a variety of ways; from supporting students pastorally in school, running a course to help young people explore Christianity, providing a monthly gathering for worship, teaching and building community, opportunities to do assemblies and lessons to explain relevant issues from a Christian perspective… the list goes on!


Last June, WCCYM made the decision to increase employment hours, which has enabled opportunities for developing the vision of WCCYM, greater support for youth workers and volunteers, fundraising, an increase in our schools work and capacity for groups, and being part of a team putting plans in place for a new Summer festival, Neos.  Financially this has been a step of faith for WCCYM, and as we get towards the last part of the academic year, we need to raise some more funds to continue in this way. 


We would love to have a greater number of individuals giving to the ministry of WCCYM regularly. We are so grateful to those of you who already do this (you know who are!), and without you, we would not be able to do nearly as much with the young people in this area.

We’re looking for 30 new supporters…


15 people to give £10 per month

10 people to give £15 per month

5 people to give £20 per month


If you would like information on giving regularly to WCCYM, please email (WCCYM Team Leader) or (WCCYM treasurer). if you would like to give a one-off gift, please get in contact or follow this link.